At the frontier of Southern African safaris and with over 2 decades of experience, SAN Africa Holiday and Tours is renowned for safari that travel again the borders of five of Africa’s most stunningly, exquisite destinations. We at SAN Africa give you the chance to immerse yourself in the natural realm of Southern African.

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Author: Julia Otte

Our main destinations of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls are safe countries to visit with friendly, peaceful people and well-developed tourism industries. Crime is low to almost non-existent and the tourist infrastructure is well-established with great transportation and communications infrastructures. Though

Each of our safaris tours are with experienced guides, where our passion for your voyage extend to scheduled fly ins and self-drive safaris that allow you to take the wheel in your own wild life journey.

Foreign exchange is freely traded in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls. All international airports have foreign exchange desks, though for Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls we recommend you use US$/Euro as it is universally accepted - bring a variety of denominations

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