At the frontier of Southern African safaris and with over 2 decades of experience, SAN Africa Holiday and Tours is renowned for safari that travel again the borders of five of Africa’s most stunningly, exquisite destinations. We at SAN Africa give you the chance to immerse yourself in the natural realm of Southern African.

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21 Days, Dunes, Wildlife & Falls


21 Days, Dunes, Wildlife & Falls

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We begin our journey in the historic capital of Windhoek.

After we arrive at the Hosea Kutako Airport we make our way to the Casa Africana Hotel Pension. The hotel overlooks the city from Luxury Hill and has easy access to downtown Windhoek.


  • Departure
    Hotel Thule – Windhoek
  • Departure Time
    We can collect you from the airport.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.

21 Days, Dunes, Wildlife & Falls

Day 1 – Hotel Thule – Windhoek – BB After picking you up from the airport we drop you at your hotel/lodge for a one night stay in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia. Very historic town with a lot of historical buildings and very rich mixed cultures. You have the afternoon at leisure to explore the city of Windhoek. Preferably your guide will take you on an unforgettable experience city tour and finishing the day with a visit to Katutura township where most of the inhabitants of the city stays. Dinner will be enjoyed at one of the local restaurant offering local cuisine on your own expense. B Included: Bed & Breakfast City and Township Tour   Day 2 – Kalahari Anib Lodge – Kalahari Desert – BB We depart the quaint Hotel Thule at 8:30 and make our way through the town of Rehoboth, famed for its local hot springs, as we head for our final destination for the day at the Kalahari Anib Lodge. We will have a short break for lunch, before we start the next part of our journey. When we arrive around early afternoon at the lodge, we have time to avail ourselves of the pool to cool off from the strenuous, Namibian sun. Later on we have an opportunity to go out for a sundowner drive and traverse across the dunes to get-up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert. When the sun sets we can savour a fine dinner served at the Kalahari Anib Lodge restaurant at our own account. B Included: Bed & Breakfast Day 3 – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – Mata Mata – DBB After an early morning breakfast, we make our way to towards the Mata Mata Border Post of South Africa, to reach our next destination the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Then we journey along the winding Olifants River before reaching the gates of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The park is one of the first of its kind to be established from the combined Gemsbok and Kalahari Gemsbok Parks. On our first night in the park we will set up for the day at the Mata Mata camp, before we head out for an afternoon game drive. The Kgalagadi Park is renowned for its big cat population, from the Kalahari lion to the stealthy and reclusive leopard. When we retire for the evening we can relax and enjoy the sounds of Africa as our guides help prepare dinner with the rest of our group Included: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Afternoon Game drive Day 4 – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – South Africa – Twee Rivieren Camp – DBB We start the day with an early morning game drive to spot the elusive big cats and any other nocturnal predators which are making their way home, after a night of hunting. We will then follow the local wildlife tracks along the banks of the Auob and Nossob Rivers that conjoin to form the Two Rivers. With spectacular, natural landscape ranging from arid dunes to savannah plains and canyons, the Kgalagadi Park is a hub for wildlife. We can view a myriad of species in the region from Oryx, Blue Wildebeest to Hartebeest, before we make back for the Twee Rivieren Rest Camp for the evening. As the day comes to a close we will with the assistance of our guides create a tasty evening meal before we retire for the night. Included: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Morning & Afternoon Game drive   Day 5 – Klein Aus Vista – Namib Desert – BB We leave the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park behind us, as we make our way into the Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in existence. After crossing the border, we will take a brief stop in Keetmanshoop, located in the //Karas Region of Southern Namibia, were we pick up fresh supplies to continue our journey. As the afternoon sets in we expect to make it to our destination the Klein Aus Vista Lodge, which is situated right in the heart of the Namib Desert. This region itself was once a diamond restricted region of the Wild Horses. As the afternoon comes to a close we can either enjoy some cool, refreshing sundowner as we overlook the rolling dunes of the arid desert or just take a break at the lodge swimming. B Included: Bed & Breakfast Day 6 – Klein Aus Vista – Namib Desert – BB We start the day with an early breakfast, before we head out the coastal desert town of Lüderitz set in diamond hill and entrenched in its Germanic ancestry. On route to the town we make a stop in Kolmanskop for a guided tour of this abandoned ghost town, were we can sightsee the dilapidated building. We expect to arrive midday in Luderitz town to explore some of the old churches and crosses of one of the oldest town in Namibia. We expect to arrive at our lodge in the late afternoon and savour a dinner at the lodge with a spectacular view of the African sky. B Included: Bed & Breakfast Day 7 – Desert Camp – Sossusvlei – Namib Desert – BB After a lovely breakfast at the lodge we make our way to the highest dunes in the world, located in the Sossusvlei region renowned for its large expanse of white salt pans framed by the ochre dunes of the Namib Desert. We start the journey with a scenic drive through the desert landscape as we make our way deeper into the heart of the Namib Desert. We will enjoy a lunch en-route before we arrive at our lodge. Dinner will be served at the Sossusvlei Lodge restaurant at your own account before we retire for the night. B Included: Bed & Breakfast   Day 8 – Swakopmund Sands – Central Coast – BB After an early pre-dawn wake up we drive down to Sossusvlei to enjoy the red sand dunes of the Namib. We will stop at the scenic Dune 45 along the way and spend a couple of hours at both Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei before enjoying a picnic breakfast between the sand dunes. En-route to Swakopmund we will enjoy lunch and arrive late afternoon in the coastal town. We are here for the next two days to explore this once a little German town. Dinner can be enjoyed in one of the best restaurants in town for your own account. B Included: Bed & Breakfast Day 9 – Swakopmund Sands – Central Coast – BB Today you have the opportunity to take part in activities offered at the touristic coastal town of Namibia. There is few must do activities like Scenic Flights over Sossusvlei, Living Desert Tour, Dolphin Cruise etc. or otherwise you can explore town on foot and enjoy its very old and interesting German architecture. This afternoon we will meet at 13:00 to go for an authentic African lunch in the township of Mondesa with some African voices entertaining us. Dinner can be enjoyed in one of the best restaurants in town for your own account. BL Includes: Bed & Breakfast Township lunch with some African voices   Optional Activities: Sossusvlei Scenic Flight – Must do activity – flight over the Namib Desert sand see the contrast and shapes of sand dunes meeting the Atlantic Ocean. Dolphin Cruise – Catamaran Cruise to see different kinds of dolphins and in the same time enjoy the marine life – you can see a lot of cape fur seals, pelicans, sea gulls and lot more aquatic life. Enjoy at the end of the cruise sparkling wine with one of the world’s biggest and yummy Oysters. Living Desert Tour – Very exciting but also highly educational activity to understand the life in the desert as the eye will always lie to you and confirm that there is absolutely no life but this activity will answer all this questions. Out in an 4×4 vehicle in the desert with an experienced guide to be shown a few desert creatures which survives in this extreme desert weather in likes of spiders, scorpions, snakes, lizards etc.   Day 10 – Palmwag Lodge – Skeleton Coast – BB Today, our adventure starts along the Atlantic shores as we make our way down the Skeleton Coast to Palmwag, a small oasis found on the banks of the Uniab River, just northwest of Damaraland. As we head towards our newest destination we will stop off at an old shipwreck, whose skeletal frame can still be seen from the shoreline before we head off to the land of towering aquatic mammals at the Cape Cross Seal Colony, one of the largest in the world. After a drive through the Skeleton Coast Park we will arrive by late afternoon at the Palmwag Lodge, an area also renowned for herds of Desert Elephants who wandered around the region and sometimes steal a drink at the local swimming pool. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Cape Cross Seal Colony   Day 11 – Palmwag Lodge – Skeleton Coast – BB After a quick breakfast we head off for a game drive to spot some of the local fauna that have adapted to this harsh conditions of this arid landscape. The region is also known for its large population of endangered Black Rhinos and Desert adapted Elephants which browse on the local trees, and sometimes drop by at the swimming pool. After lunch we can take the rest of the day to relax at camp, and unwind from the day’s travels. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Game drive Day 12 – Opuwo Lodge – Kaokoveld – Himba Country – BB We begin the day with a leisurely breakfast before we head off to the Himba region, home to the roaming, nomadic, Himba tribes. After our morning excursion we head back to our lodge for lunch before we journey onwards to the nearby Himba villages. From there we will have a chance to immerse ourselves in a world far removed from our modern world, to one soaked in cultural heritage and the old ways of living that the Himba tribes have upheld for thousands of years. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Himba visit Day 13 – Okaukuejo – Etosha National Park – BB We leave the Opuwo lodge and journey to the Etosha National Park, located in the north-western corner of Namibia. For the next two days we will explore, sight see and drive through the rugged terrain of the national park, as we drop in at the local watering holes to catch sight of the local denizens, from the quick springbok, to the sedate zebra to the reclusive rhino, and possibly even the majestic Namibian lion. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Game drives in Etosha NP in our own vehicle Day 14 – Mokuti Lodge -Etosha National Park – BB Today we will make our way across the park on a full day game drive to the Eastern exit of the park to Mokuti Lodge where we will be staying for 1 night. We begin our day with an early breakfast before we venture out for our first game drive of the day. Depending on our luck of spotting animals today, we will make it to the lodge for lunch and after lunch we can have a refreshing dip in the pool to cool off from the Namibian sun, before we head back out for our next game drive. As the day ends we make our way back to our lodge, situated just a few kilometres from the park’s borders. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Game drives in Etosha NP in our own vehicle Day 15 – Kaisosi – Okavango Region – BB We prepare for our longest drive of our journey as we make our way to the Kaisosi River Lodge located just 7 kilometres east of Rundu, where the lodge sits along the banks of the Okavango River. Along our journey we will have an unforgettable experience as we interact with the local Bushman tribes in the Okavango region. We will learn how these historic tribes have survived and thrived in the harsh environment, from their daily routines, to foraging parties and even some of the local medicinal used by the tribes. After our adventure with the Bushman tribes we continue on our way to the Kaisosi River Lodge, where we can recharge and unwind for the rest of the day. If we feel that we have not had enough adventure for the day, the lodge also offers some great optional activities to keep us preoccupied for the rest of the day. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Bushman visit   Day 16 – Thamalakane Lodge – Okavango Delta – Maun – BB For the next stage of our journey we cross over into the borders of Botswana, a low landlocked country that rises a mere 900 meters above sea level at its highest point. As we journey across the changing landscape we expect to arrive at our accommodation for the day at the Thamakalane Lodge, situated just a few kilometres outside Maun. The tourist capital of Botswana, where we take to the skies and fly over the lush Okavango Delta. We can experience the landscape of Botswana like we never have before with stunning, aerial views as we soar past herds of roaming antelopes and sprawling water lands. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Optional: Scenic Flight over Okavango Delta – must do activity   Day 17 – Nata Lodge – Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – Nata – BB For today, we will explore the meandering lands of the Okavango Delta by waterways in local dugout canoes called Mukoro. After a morning of discovery, we journey out to Nata, an area renowned for its famous Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where we will spend the rest of the afternoon viewing the local birdlife that visit the region, from the splendid pink Flamingo, to the deep throated Pelican. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Mukoro ride   Day 18 – Chobe Safari Lodge – Chobe National Park – Kasane – BB After a leisurely breakfast we head out on a drive towards the Chobe National Park, located in the northern region of the country. The Chobe River is an oasis that supports a thousands of animals, from wandering herds of majestic Elephants to ranging Cape Buffalos. When we enter the park we make way to Chobe Safari Lodge, before we retire for the day to enjoy the lodge and the town of Kasane until dinner. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Day 19 – Chobe Safari Lodge – Chobe National Park – Kasane – BB We start the new day with an early morning game drive to catch the local animals before we head back to the lodge for a branch. We will spend the rest of the day unwinding at the lodge, before we go out for a sunset cruise at 14:45. We then have the opportunity to cruise along the waterways of the Chobe River as we view the local wildlife and enjoy a spectacular African sunset over the water. B Includes: Bed & Breakfast Morning Game drive Afternoon Boat Cruise Day 20– Bayete Guest Lodge– Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe – DBB Just after breakfast we say goodbye to Botswana and cross into Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls town. If all goes well, we will arrive just in time for lunch in Victoria Falls town. This afternoon our guide will meet us at the lodge to take on tour to Victoria Falls. The last supper will be an inclusive farewell dinner cruise on the Zambezi River. DB Included: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Optional Activities: Helicopter Flight over Victoria Falls – Another breathtaking experience to see Victoria Falls from the air. Your imagination can’t really meet the reality. Try it.   Day 21 – Victoria Falls Airport – Zimbabwe After breakfast we will say goodbye to each other as this will be the end of our journey. We hope and believe that you will have a great time with San Africa Holidays and Tours. We hope to welcome you again one day on another one of our African adventures. Your guide will drop you off at the airport for international flights home!!!! Included: Bed & Breakfast The price includes: – All accommodation costs in the mentioned Lodges, Hotels or similar one – Breakfast (B) on all locations except mentioned otherwise – All costs for explicit as included mentioned activities, as local game driving, safari boat trips etc. – All local taxes, tolls and fees – All entrance fees in NP and planned tribe villages as mentioned – Water on the bus during driving – Professional English speaking guide – Fuel


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